Who we are

Limpid Advisors & Co. is a dynamic, rapidly expanding law firm focused on providing a complete legal service to clients in our core sectors both national and internationaly. We advise businesses that are at the heart of Bangladesh commerce and trade. Our combination of sector expertise, commercial attitude and in-depth understanding provides a unique perspective

Our work

Even the word impossible itself says I-m-possible. A conventional but ambitious outlook Built on our origins and concentrated expertise in the corporate immigration and family practice, our capability now extends across a considerable range of sectors including facets of various litigations. The firm has a history of working in frontier and emerging markets. It is one of the most promising firms established in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has a rapidly expanding network in both overseas and in the country.

Our History

We are some individuals from different backgrounds but amalgamated in one place since 2003 and after completing graduations each and everyone of us has engaged ourselves in pursuance of experiences in legal field. Some of us even availed themselves the opportunity of obtaining higher degrees abroad. Different perspectives acquired through intensive professionalism since 2008 (8 yeras of individual legal practice) gave us the stregth to gather ourselves as a single unit – Limpid Advisers & Co.

We are rising

With nationwide lawyers including some renowned senior advocates and our core team operating from almost every key districts of Bangladesh, we advise corporate, financial institutions, private individuals, and government across a wide array of contentious and transactional matters. Our growth mirrors our clients across the whole spread of their operations, through this expansion we have become expert in assisting businesses and individuals to thrive in every diversity in which they are challanged.


A global outlook  :   We mirror our clients’ operations and are early movers into key hubs for international commerce.

A comprehensive practice   :   Our capability now covers every facet of the corporate and international trade marketsincluding immigration, family and intellectual disputes 

A commitment to clients  :   We use our knowledge and experience to steer clients through the diverse commercial challenges they face and help them strive through every adversity they face.

A distinct approach  :   We couple our experience with a vibrant and dynamic open environment capable of quickly evolve to engulf every adversity.