The LAC’s best immigration consultants offer student, visa & immigration consultancy in Bangladesh:

Our  best immigration consultants offer student, visa & immigration consultancy in Bangladesh like visa or immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand from Bangladesh. We also offer our student and immigration consultancy services through out whole Europe including United Kingdom (U.K.), Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden .


For Individuals

Typically, an individual Bangladeshi national wishes to go abroad as a visitor, a student, or a worker. Later, s/he may decide to remain as a permanent resident (for example a green card holder for USA) and, eventually, as a Foreign Citizen. This scenario is not different when a foreign national comes to Bangladesh for the same purposes mentioned above. These are all sections available from our top tabs, with subsections to more accurately pinpoint yourself in the process. Though LAC’s best immigration consultants offer student, visa & immigration consultancy in Bangladesh , we also offer services regard to visa or immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries from Bangladesh , for ease of access we are taking the immigration categories of USA as an example.

  • Visitor:  The B-1/B-2 classification is designated for visitors for business (B-1) and visitors for pleasure (B-2). It is appropriate for foreign nationals who seek to visit the United States on a purely temporary basis.

  • Student:  Every year, the United States attracts foreign nationals who wish to pursue their studies in approved educational institutions. The appropriate categories are: F-1 (academic students), M-1 (vocational students), and J-1 (exchange students).

  • Worker: There are many temporary immigration categories that allow foreign nationals to engage in employment in the United States. Foreign nationals generally need to obtain the appropriate visa from a consulate abroad, based upon a petition filed by a U.S. employer.

  • Resident: Lawful permanent residents (LPR), or “green card” holders, are allowed to reside and work permanently in the United States. The LPR status is gained primarily through employment-based or family-based sponsorship, as well as the diversity visa lottery.

  • Citizen: U.S. Citizenship is obtained either by birth, derivation or naturalization. Requirements generally are, 5 years in permanent resident status or three years may be sufficient for those married to U.S. citizens.

    Medical Professionals Individuals in medical professions have certain certification requirements and must meet other qualifying standards. Their options may differ from the paths to immigration followed by workers in other industries.



For Families

Keeping the family together is a priority for many of those undergoing the U.S. immigration process. We at the LAC understand this, and we work with you and your employer, when applicable, to look out for your dependents. The immigration options for bringing family members to the United States vary depending upon the status of the sponsoring family member. These sections explain many of the options available. The options for bringing one’s family members to the United States fall within two general categories. Family-based cases are those in which a U.S. citizen or permanent resident files a petition to sponsor a relative for immigration benefits. Family members are generally eligible to immigrate to the United States on a temporary basis as dependents in non-immigrant categories.

  • Non-immigrant beneficiaries may sponsor family members for immigration benefits to the United States on a temporary basis as dependents categories, such as H-4, L-2, F-2, and others. (K-1 & K-3 visas for fiancé/es and spouses, respectively, are temporary, but treated primarily as immigrant, or permanent, categories.)

  • Immigrant or permanent resident primary beneficiaries in employment-based,  permanent resident cases or in family preference petitions, may sponsor their spouses and minor children, who would likely be eligible for permanent benefits as derivative beneficiaries. In technical immigration terminology, family-based cases are those in which U.S. citizens or permanent residents file petitions to sponsor their relatives for immigration benefits. These cases include immediate and preference relative petitions in permanent resident cases, as well as K-1 (fiancé/e )and K-3 (spousal) petitions.

 We at the LAC , who provides the best immigration consultants offer student, visa & immigration consultancy in Bangladesh,  are experienced in these matters not restricted to only USA but UK, Canada, Australia and any other European countries and available to consult with you on a specific matter, or to represent your family in your immigration case. (USA has only been used as an example to give prospective clients an idea only)

For Individuals

Companies all over the world especially USA, UK, Canada, Australia, EU Countries and sometime Bangladesh deserve the best and the brightest employees they can find. When it isn’t possible to fill a position with a suitable candidate, they might look for talent from abroad. There are many students with degrees from Foreign Universities and Colleges, as well as Professionals who studied and trained in other parts of the world. You might find the perfect fit, with just the qualifications your company needs, but once you identify your foreign candidate, how do you begin to comply with all the laws and regulations from the respective Departments of Labor of each country? Where do you start? Information specifically for employers is available to us for any prospective clients be it a Bangladeshi national or a foreign national. LAC has experience in guiding companies through the complexities of employing workers from abroad. Hiring a firm with our reputation for quality is a wise investment and signals to your workers that they are important to you.


How We Can Help You

  • We at LAC can consult with employers to determine what immigration categories may be the most suitable for current and potential employees. We can guide employers though the available options, evaluating the pros and cons of each, considering the nature of the offered position and other key factors.

  • We can advise employers regarding the filing and documentation requirements for employee sponsorship. We represent employers in the preparation and filing of petitions and applications to the appropriate Government Authority. As for example, any foreign national coming to Bangladesh have requirements to be fulfilled through BOI, Bangladesh and we are always there to help any prospective client to take steps for their VISA, Work Permit, Termination thereof.

  • Our attorneys provide advice on complex legal matters of immigration compliance, both proactively and in connection with Department of Labors of different countries, audits Tax and VAT Implications and so on.

  • Though the LAC’s best immigration consultants offer student, visa & immigration consultancy in Bangladesh , it can also provide internal audits of companies of all sizes to determine whether their records are in compliance with federal or any other regulations of a prospective country and can guide companies as to changes needed to improve levels of compliance following internal audits.

  • We defend employers in federal immigration-related investigations, including filing and litigating administrative appeals.

    Please be informed that USA has only been used as an example through this page for giving our prospective clients the idea of the range of immigration work that we do. You are very much welcome to us with any immigration consultancy irrespective of country and types of VISA that you are seeking e.g. visa or immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand from Bangladesh.  


Visa Bangladesh-Bangladesh Visa Application:

Visa Type or CategoryWho can apply?Purpose of visit or Travel
B TypeBusinessmen or business representativesTrade and commerce
E Type

Experts / advisers / employees / Individuals appointed in government / semi-government/ autonomous bodies / projects and equivalent organizations

b) Individuals employed in local/ foreign government / semi-government/ liaison / Industrial / commercial organizations or other equivalent organizations

c) Individuals appointed under local / foreign government / semi-government contractor ship and in equivalent organizations

Employment or service
FE TypeSpouse and other dependent members of the Principal traveling on E category visaAccompanying / joining the Principal
E1 TypeIndividuals visiting for supply / installation / maintenance of equipment and software / supervision of project etc.Supply/ Installation / maintenance / training / supervision / project visit etc.
PI TypeInvestors in existing / new/ under construction/ upcoming industrial / commercial entity in the private sector under joint venture or 100% foreign owned companyInvestment / management of established business / commercial organization

We, on request, also offer consultation for application and document processing for other

Type of visa e.g. J, FJ, M, FM, N, FN type as well.